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Canvas Gate’s mission is to cultivate a professional workforce and connect them with Japanese and overseas companies, education systems, and other non-profit organizations.

Canvas Gate Inc.

Found in 2001 by Mr. Kaz Aoki. Canvas Gate is a California based international education company geared at connecting Japan with overseas schools and organizations; High school and college program development, corporate training, campus tour arrangement, and job locations for non-Japanese and those who have studied abroad; are all aspects of this company that supports those striving to become a part of today’s international workforce.

Canvas Gate Networks

Professional Workforce Cultivation



Our students have stories to tell


Everyone was professional yet personable, making us feel safe and comfortable being so far from home.

Marisa Barreda

Marketing Major
Kyoto Program 2018


Canvas Gate gave off an air of both professional and amiable quality.

Emilee Gibbons

English Major
Kyoto Program 2015


I will undoubtedly remember it for the rest of my life.

Will Ferguson

Linguistics Major
Kyoto Program 2011


One of the best experiences of my life. I could not have asked for a better way to experience Japan, its people and culture.

Javier Arboleda

Computer Science Major
Kyoto Program 2008