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A rewarding experience

At Canvas Gate, we believe that being a host family will take cross-cultural communication to the next level. Furthermore, hosting an international student will be a life-changing experience for both sides. With 20 years experiences of working with Host Families in U.S and Japan, Canvas Gate maximize students and host families’ communication by matching their common interests and provide them instant support to ensure both sides are comfortable during the hospitality.

Why would I want to host a student from foreign countries?

  • This is a great way to learn about another cultures
  • Teach international students about American lifestyle

What are the requirements?

  • Provide student with their own bedroom (Bathroom can be shared)
  • Provide student with Breakfast and Dinner
  • You must fill out a Host Family Application
  • You are a resident of San Francisco or surrounding cities
  • Live in safe neighborhood and within 45 minutes of the student's destination (total travel time by bus), you must verify route and time through MUNI, AC transit, and BART
  • You are a native English speaker (Bi-lingual households are OK)

Additional information

Students will be attending language school in Berkeley or San Francisco and will use public transportations to get to school.

Host Family Application

Please provide information about you and your family

About Yourself

Member of Household

(Include other homestay students and any guests staying at the house)

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