Career Support

English Teachers

With the need of improving English Education for the next generation of Japanese, Canvas Gate connected Americans with Japan’s educational institute to assist English class in Japan and support Japanese youths to develop their English skills.


In recent years, foreign workers around the world have came to Japan to improve their technical skills. By coordinating training programs for foreigners at their countries, Canvas Gate supports factories and industrial businesses to fulfill the technicians shortage at their factories.


  • Monitor the production process
  • Quality and testing management
  • Strictly follow safety regulations in plant
  • Maintain equipment, goods and materials properly
  • Basic equipment repairs
  • Advanced communication with native co-workers
  • Improve efficiency by working in different department and projects
Multinational Professionals


Job opportunities in Japan have inspires many foreign professionals to study Japanese and expand their careers to Japan. For those who are experts on their field with Japanese proficiency, Canvas Gate supports them to expand their international experiences in Japan. Also, in the meantime, learn more about Japanese value of quality and sustainability.


  • Candidates with Bachelor Degree minimum
  • Proficient in Japanese is required
  • In-depth understanding of Japanese Business Culture
  • Innovative and talented candidates with entrepreneur mindset
  • Management at corporate levels with high leadership skills.
Japanese Business Culture
Job Market Research
Job Placement