Silicon Valley Observation and Entrepreneurship Program (JPN)


Since 1998, the world had witnessed the Technological boom in U.S.A. in which originated from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California. Many small businesses have benefited and innovated from Silicon Valley’s technology. Accordingly, Canvas Gate support Japanese Universities to coordinate technology-based program for Japanese students to explore u.S. top influential technology companies.


Continue to provide cross cultural communication training in technology and analyze Silicon Valley's innovation in recent years.


  • High-tech companies visits, study their global expansion strategy
  • Developing history of Silicon valley through historical tours and talk show
  • Interview with Japanese Senior Executives in SV to learn about their professional Tech career and the importance of adaptability while working in international environment
  • Business communication skills development for Japanese students with U.S. STEM Professionals.
  • Cross cultural training for Japanese through host family placement in San Francisco, U.S.
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Silicon Valley Program